about us.

Hi and welcome to our little place on the interwebs! If you're new here, it's great to meet you! If you've been here before, welcome back!

The Dream Job Shop is a place to come together as small business owners. Together, we share our stories, lessons, struggles and laughter as we go on this journey called life. 

We named our website "The Dream Job Shop" because every single one of us here has our dream job! Yours will be different than ours, but the goal is the same. To do something that we love, and on our own terms. To us, that truly is "living the dream".

The Dream Job Shop began in 2014 as a space to support creative business owners. It was founded by Andi, a former Etsy seller creating handmade leather bags. Now she focuses all of her time on The Dream Job Shop, and being a new mom. You can read more about her here if you want.

Our website is meant to inspire, encourage and support all types of small business owners as they follow their own path. We feature inspiring interviews, biz tips and how-to guides, and courses if you want to take your learning further. We also have a pretty inspiring newsletter that we send out once a week and includes even more goods for you to indulge on.

Well whatever the reason that brought you here, we're glad it did.  If you haven't checked out the Getting Started page yet, you might want to do that next. It's a great way to get a round up of the best stuff we've got here on the site.

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. We're so glad you're here!  :)