Four Things I'm Obsessed With Right Now (In My Business)


Just like the seasons change, so do interests in my goals and projects. This time of year I tend to feel mega excited that warm weather has arrived and cold winter days are gone. But I'm also excited to slow things down a bit. 

This month I'm thinking a lot about just focusing on the things I've been putting off. It's easy to put a lot of project plans on the to-do list. But it's harder to find all the time to actually accomplish them all. 

To tell you the truth, I'm really good at coming up with a lot of plans. But I work half days (and take care of my daughter the rest of the time), so plans always take much longer to complete than I expect!

Over the past year, I've learned to be patient with this process. And in some ways it works better for me because I can let those ideas evolve a bit more before I act on them.

Well lately I'm obsessed with focusing LESS on what I think my business should look like (based on how others are doing it) and MORE time on what I think is really interesting, and what I actually want to work on.

In particular, this includes blogging. 

I love blogging.

I've always loved blogging.

So why am I not doing more of it?

This is a question I asked myself recently.

The answer was simple: I need to do more blogging! duh!

But it needs to be from a more personal perspective. Because that's what really interests me. I want to share more of what I'm learning about. What I'm curious about. And people that inspire me in my own business.

I'm excited to let go and give in to the beauty of it all.


So here's what I'm focusing on in my business this June.  


1. Planning Six Months In Advance

One of my biggest goals for 2017 was to focus more on the bigger picture of my business. Where do I want it to be 2 years from now? How about 5 years from now? How am I going to get there? What baby steps can I start taking now to help guide me in that direction.

This has been SO GOOD for me. It's allowed me to explore ideas I'd never thought of before. It's also pushed me out of my comfort zone and overcome some fears and limitations. 

So right now I'm planning what projects I'll be launching in the Fall. I'm really excited to see how all of these ideas align with my bigger picture goals. It makes me really happy about the future of the Dream Job Shop!


2. Interviewing Inspiring Businesses

Something I used to do and LOVED, but stopped doing (WHY did I stop?) was interviewing inspiring business owners. This was always one of my favorite things to do. I always learned so much from these interviews. And I can't wait to dive back into them again. 

I'll be sharing a new cool business every week here on the blog. And I've got some AMAZING ones to share with you!! Trust me, you're gonna love this.


3. Working Early. And Late.

So for the past 6 months or so I've been working afternoons in my business. But lately, I need a change. So my husband and I are switching our schedules around with watching our daughter. 

Every week we're switching schedules. This week I have the mornings to work. It's been great. I've always worked best in the mornings. My mind feels fresh and I can get more done. 

Then I watch my daughter in the afternoon. She goes to bed at 7pm and afterwards I work for another hour or two before I crash myself. 

Although it's not the perfect scenario. It's working for well for us right now.

I'm slowly learning with kids that you have to be okay with doing the best you can with what you have. And if you only have an hour or two a day to work. That's okay! Just be kind to yourself and work like a crazy woman in those two hours. LOL.


4. More of the Good Stuff

This year has also been about giving myself permission to experiment and try new things. So far, I've tried a lot. From podcasting to videos to A LOT of technical stuff behind the scenes that have made me want to pull my hair out.

I'm so proud of myself with exploring because it's helped me to find my own authentic voice. It's also given me confidence in what I'm capable of. I love the Dream Job Shop and I'm excited to let the journey of what this business is about continue to evolve organically. 


5. Also, this is random and doesn't relate to my to-do list, but I love this quote. I really resonates with me right now:




Well I'm curious... what are YOU working on right now in your business? I'd LOVE to hear your ideas. They might spark some new ones I can add to my own list!