How To Create The Perfect Price To Grow Your Income

In today's Podcast we're answering the question, what do you do when a client says you're too expensive.

I'm also going to be diving deep into one of my favourite business topics: and that's pricing. Pricing is a really incredible topic because it's where we get to figure out your money goals. I kinda get a little nerdy on this stuff because it can be really exciting! This is where you get to see the potential of creating income goals and how exactly to achieve it!

Now, for many people, this is where it all starts to get overwhelming. Well fear not my friends because I've got you covered. I've put together five simple steps that will help you get organized with how you price your products in order to grow your income.


But first, I want to ask you this: how many of you out there are struggling to figure out how to price your products? And how many of you as a result are underpricing your products in an effort to get more customers? 

I feel like I can see a lot of hands raised right now and trust me I've been there! Pricing and making money is a stressful topic that creates a lot of major concerns.

Well that's why I'm so excited to share today's episode with you. I'm diving deep into these major concerns. And I've come up with some great suggestions for you. So stick with me through whole podcast because there's a lot I'm going to cover today.

I've also created a free workbook for today's episode! In my experience, I always learn best when I can take notes while I'm learning a new strategy. That way I can jot down all the ideas that come to mind so I don't forget them. So I recommend you print out the workbook and then go through it as you listen today. Grab your workbook using the link below...



Get the 5 simple steps to perfecting your pricing for your products.

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