Let's face it, for most of us out there, cash flow can be tight when running your business. Paying for things like advertising comes secondary to all the other stuff like paying the bills, buying supplies, and other expenses.

And when you're first starting out, this is even harder! But the good news is there are so many ways you can help spread the word about what you do. And luckily, many of these things you can do FOR FREE. That's what we'll be focusing on today. 

In today's podcast episode we're talking about how to promote your brand using six main marketing streams and a strategy I call the "Influence Pack". 

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I also created a free workbook of today's episode. Inside you'll find worksheets that you can use to put together your own Influence Pack. This is a great way to keep all of this organized. If you have time, I recommend you print the worksheets out before you start the episode so that you can work through them and take notes as you listen.

Download the free checklist so that you can save it in your notes, below...



Learn how to create your own Influence Pack marketing system from today's episode. Use these worksheets to help you take notes and develop your ideas.

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