Welcome to the very first episode of The Dream Job Shop Podcast! I am SO excited for this day to finally be here! Creating a podcast has been a dream of mine for quite some time and I'm so happy that I finally get to share it with you!

This podcast series will share simple steps to help you get better at online marketing, growing your followers, designing your website, and building your brand. All while juggling the rest of your life. It is my goal to help you beat the overwhelm of running an online business and give you actionable steps to move forward. From learning how to build a beautiful website (that your customers will love), to Facebook, Instagram, online courses, blogging, mailing lists and content creation. This podcast is for you if you have big dreams for your business and want to be inspired to take action on them!

There will be new episodes added weekly, each coming out on Tuesdays.

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Today's topic is all about first impressions. It's about the initial few seconds that you have with a customer when they come to your website for the very first time. During those seconds, that customer will decide whether or not you're for them. There are a few reasons why they're going to decide this. The first, is whether or not they want or need your type of products... that's not really something we can control. But the second is how you choose to present your brand through your website design. And that's what we can control and will be talking about today.

We'll be talking about your website and how well it communicates your message to your ideal customers. I'm sharing why this is absolutely crucial to your success for selling products online, along with four bite size steps that you can do this week to help improve your website's overall look and feel for your customers. Then they will begin to trust you and in the future will want to buy.

I also created a checklist freebie of today's episode. This checklist includes all the important points from todays session. That way you don't have to remember everything off by heart, or pause the podcast to take notes if you don't want to. 

Thanks so much for listening to the podcast. I hope you enjoy it! And if you liked it, feel free to mention it to your friends that may also enjoy it.


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