Etsy Love - Ebook

Etsy Love - Ebook


Does it feel like you are not quite where you want to be with your Etsy shop?

Stop spinning your wheels and learn how to become profitable with Etsy.

Learning how to sell on Etsy is much more complex than you would think! 

Many Etsy sellers start out like this: They spend all this time developing beautiful, amazing quality products – set up their Etsy store, upload their products… then wait. Now what!? What happens next!? How do you grow this Etsy business you just started?  How do you get more traffic to your Etsy store? Do you just wait for them to drop in to your lap??

There are so many factors to running a successful Etsy store. Plus, even when you do actually find business information that relates to selling your crafts on Etsy, it’s always so fragmented that really it just adds to the confusion more than anything else.

Well, here’s the truth… Most Etsy sellers are spending too much time on the wrong things. If you're struggling with how to get your Etsy shop to make you money, you are in the right place.

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As someone who has sold over $200,000 of product on my Etsy store alone, and has been both an Etsy featured seller and an Etsy Quit Your Day Job feature, I can tell you this:

Selling handmade goods online successfully is about creating a strategy and doing it consistently over and over. It is not about fleeting decisions every time you see a successful Etsy shop and think, “They’re making tons of money off of that – I’m going to do the same thing because clearly that’s going to make me money!” It’s not about following other peoples journeys of Etsy success. It’s about finding your unique personality as an Etsy seller and consistently creating a voice that you share with your customers.

Once you have the solid foundation of your Etsy business, all of a sudden decisions will become easier.  You will begin to strategize and plan what’s next for your Etsy store. You will know what you are doing that whole year in your Etsy business and not just that week. Not only that, you’ll gain so much more confidence that you’ll hardly recognize yourself! You will start to set goals that you thought were completely unimaginable before. You will feel more centered and ready to attack each day with a clear vision for your business and your life.

I honestly wish that when I started I had someone to take me by the hand and show me how to sell on Etsy. It would have saved me many stressful tears and thousands of dollars as I chased after the next big trend trying to become successful.

So if you're among the Etsy sellers who are tired of feeling confused about the business stuff, I'd like to invite you to stop walking blindly and step into a clearer vision of your Etsy shop.

I’ve compiled everything I know with my 6 years experience of selling on Etsy and  running a successful Etsy shop. I’m going to walk you through my step-by-step approach of how I’ve run my own Etsy store, the secrets I use, what works and what doesn’t. I’ve been in your shoes and know exactly what you need at this stage in your business! This ebook comes to you in a digital PDF! That way you’ll be able to get started on the lessons immediately!


Here's what you'll get inside this ebook:


Chapter One: What it takes to run a successful Etsy shop

  • Learn what a strong Etsy store looks like.
  • Avoid the #1 reason why Etsy shops fail.
  • Find out why people will buy from your shop and not someone else’s.
  • How to not copy, but instead be inspired by someone else’s ideas.
  • Get my secrets for making the best use of your time!
  • Discover the four key components you need to win: You’ll be using this as your checklist for everything you do on Etsy from now on!
  • No more delay: Let’s create the life you’ve always dreamt of! I’ll be walking you through specific exercises to get you to where you truly want to be.


Chapter Two: Business Plan Basics

  • Learn the simple 3-step business plan for your Etsy business
  • How to develop your brand’s manifesto and leverage it to create an amazing Etsy Shop Announcement and Policy Page.
  • My secrets for creating an enticing Etsy About Page.
  • Learn the #1 trick to getting the right customers for your specific products.
  • My BFF customer approach to building relationships
  • How to find your competitors on Etsy and what questions you should be asking about their businesses.


Chapter Three: The “how to make a living” plan

  • Learn how to figure out your annual income goal and how much product you’ll need to make each month.
  • Strategies for growing your income.
  • Discover how to price for profit
  • Learn TWO formulas that you can use to understand how much to charge for your products.
  • BONUS: Pro tips for maximizing your profits


Chapter Four: How to create a well designed shop

  • Discover ways to gather inspiration for your overall shop design
  • How to hire a designer to do your shop banner and logo inexpensively
  • The top four tips you need to know about taking great photos for your Etsy products.


Chapter Five: How to get more traffic to your shop and keep them coming back for more!

  • The #1 way to get more traffic to visit your Etsy store
  • The #1 secret for understanding how customers find your Etsy store
  • Learn the proper way to contact blogs in order to be featured
  • Learn the #1 secret you need to know for contacting media
  • Read one of my most embarrassing moments contacting media and how you can avoid this!
  • Find out my secret for how I got featured TWICE on the Etsy blog: Both as an Etsy featured Seller and Quit Your Day Job article.
  • Discover how you can build long lasting relationships with your customers so that they keep coming back for more!
  • Learn the customer service tips that most Etsy sellers DON’T do and how these tips can get you ahead of the rest!
  • Discover how to keep your shop looking fresh using effective strategies.




- Etsy sellers that have been selling online for a little while but are looking to sharpen their skills and get serious with their business.

- Brand new Etsy sellers that are just starting out and want to shorten their learning curve significantly.

- Art students and graduates looking to learn how to make money selling their work.





“Enrolling in The Ultimate Guide to Etsy Success has been the best decision I have made for my business. Andi’s approachable advice and worksheets made it easy to begin improving my Etsy store, as well as every other avenue of my business. The tools she offers helped me to form organization and planning habits that allowed me to take the reins in ways I had not thought of. Because of what I learned and put into action, within a month of taking the course I was able to quit my day job and dive headfirst into my creative work full time. I cannot recommend this course enough ~ it has been the biggest stepping stone in helping me to turn my dream into a reality!”  - Vanessa // Creature of Habit


“I was beyond excited when Andi’s Success Guide came out!!!  I’ve been selling on Etsy for a a few years and gone through high seasons and low seasons and I found this course super helpful

in so many ways!  It’s good to hear about what has been or not been successful from fellow Etsy sellers, and Andi really has you thinking about what makes your brand unique and how you can stand out.

The Success Guide has you to look at the whole picture from ideas on how to improve your shop to customer service advice to contacting media outlets and planning goals along the way.  Sometimes life can cause me to be unorganized in my creative endeavors and this is definitely going to help me to keep on track with goals and routines but taking time to get the rest I need. 

There’s so many amazing ideas in this course, I think my head may explode!  Whether you are a first-time Etsy seller or your shop has been around for a while and you just need a boost, this is definitely the course for you!”
- Heidi // Heidi and Seek Boutique


“I couldn’t be happier with this course. I loved all your little inspirational quotes, the portion about pricing, every one of the exercises and work sheets, and lastly the section about slow living! I could definitely sense the hard work and love put into each chapter. The little tid-bits about how you related certain material to your own personal life experiences were great. Definitely made it more personal! Overall this course gave me the motivation to continue with my craft, and be proud of everything I create. It gave me a sense of pride, rather than the doubt I sometimes hear in other people’s voices when I tell them I want to continue with my passion of jewelry making.

I would 100% recommend this guide to a friend, family member or ANY Etsy seller! The little exercises you put in each chapter were absolutely awesome. It makes quite the difference when you sit down and write out your goals, business plan, price points, etc. I couldn’t be happier with this Success Guide!” – Ceci // Little Pieces of Hope


“Made by Andi’s Etsy Success Course is simply the bomb dot com! I purchased the Guide as a helping hand before I even released my Etsy shop to make sure I was set up for success from the get go. The overall colorful layout is very enticing and encourages you to sit down, do your readings, and do your homework. It’s not so tedious when there are inspiring quotes and cute imagery to help you along the way! I think the greatest gift I learned from Made By Andi’s Guide is how to be an organized free-spirit. In the past, business planning, time management, and branding were all overwhelming and foreign ideas to me, but Made By Andi communicates how to imbed your creativity process into that aspect of your handmade business as well. I would recommend this Guide to all creative beings looking to support the roof over their heads with their creative passion. I give The Ultimate Guise to Etsy Success 5 gold stars and a high-five!” – Caitlin // CMB Printworks