How To Start Your First Creative Business - Ecourse

How To Start Your First Creative Business - Ecourse


When you're first starting out - thinking about all of the things you need to do with your business can be super overwhelming! HOW TO START YOUR FIRST BUSINESS will help you to understand the overall big picture of what you need to focus on, and when. This course is all about understanding bigger concepts and strategies - if you're looking for more in depth courses on the specifics, that's where our other courses come in to play! But, if you're new to all of this, we recommend you watch this video first! (we also offer special deals when you buy courses in groups). For this course, we've  created a handy series of worksheets to help you work through your ideas, including a business plan and also understanding the "MSM cycle" (more on that in the course).

YOU'LL GET // the how-to video explaining how to HOW TO START YOUR FIRST CREATIVE BUSINESSthe downloadable workbook full of important strategies including how to create a business plan, the "MSM" cycle, and also an overall understanding of how to start your first business in the "bigger picture" sense. 

>> There are no deadlines for this, you can work at your own pace and go back and revisit any part of this strategy whenever you want. HOW TO START YOUR FIRST CREATIVE BUSINESS comes to you in a digital format (video + PDF workbook). You'll get access to the workbook immediately after you order, and we'll add you to the video course shortly after!


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