Pricing Your Products So You Make A Profit - ecourse

Pricing Your Products So You Make A Profit - ecourse


Many creative entrepreneurs aren't actually making a profit with some of their products... whaat?! Yes, it's true! And if you're one of these people, it's okay, we've all been there! But it's time to change that and learn this very important strategy that will help you GROW your income and make more money!  PRICING YOUR PRODUCTS SO YOU MAKE A PROFIT is all about getting organized with how you price your products! We've included a material costs worksheet, two pricing formulas to experiment with, and TONS of strategies that relate to your pricing! The workbook is full of tips from the pros - this is going to help you shorten your learning curve and avoid many common mistakes.

YOU'LL GET // the how-to video explaining how to PRICE YOUR PRODUCTS SO YOU MAKE A PROFITthe downloadable workbook full of important strategies that you can reference over and over again throughout your year as you create new products, and an overall understanding of how to make a profit in your business with your products. 

>> There are no deadlines for this, you can work at your own pace and go back and revisit any part of this strategy whenever you want. PRICING YOUR PRODUCTS SO YOU MAKE A PROFIT comes to you in a digital format (video + PDF workbook). You'll get access to the workbook immediately after you order, and we'll add you to the video course shortly after!


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